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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby food growing in progress

I'm still gardening and I'm happy that the peas I began from seeds are doing well. I've tried growing them before but it was late in the season that it got too hot. Peas like cool weather so hopefully they'll be successful. I'm planning to make baby food and we're also buying organic veggies and fruits. I'd plant them all if I had time and room! :) Perhaps when I have a greenhouse in the future (is my husband reading this?) I can have the garden of my dreams. 

We're waiting until May when Alyssa is 5 months old to give her solids. We'll start with rice cereal and other grains first. I look forward to feeding her healthy homemade food… no nasty pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial stuff and preservatives –– all fresh from our backyard. I love cooking (hubby's tummy is happy) and I can be a chef in the kitchen for my little girl.
Violas recently popped up in the strawberry bed. I can't remember I planted them but oh well, here they are. I think I'll leave the violas alone. We had 3 surviving strawberry plants from last season so I amended the soil yesterday and bought some strawberries today. My lettuce, spinach and onions germinated. I'm waiting on the carrots. I was going to keep the garden small and manageable and I find myself thinking about more vegetables to grow. Being a busy new mom, I wasn't sure about having an edible garden this year but I can't help it –– it's the gardener in me!   
Here's our 4 month old baby in her spring dress. I'm amazed all the time, she's the sweetest blessing. Alyssa is getting big so fast, she's smiling a lot, rolling over, grabbing her toys and she's very vocal. I'm excited to teach her about gardening someday and she can learn where real food comes from. Homegrown and organic is the best.      


  1. Hi Priscilla,
    Alyssa is adorable! She looks so cute in her pretty floral dress!
    Glad to know that your plants are doing great! I can imagine how busy you must be, taking care of little baby and gardening, cooking, and everything else!
    Take care, and hugs to adorable Alyssa!

    1. Thank you for visiting Joyce! I haven't been able to visit anyone's blog lately, I need to catch up. I'm very busy. It's a lot of work being a mom, I know you can relate. I'm enjoying staying home with Alyssa!


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