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Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby food from the garden and this tired mama

Several weeks ago I harvested peas from my garden, they were planted from organic seeds in early March. This is the first time I grew peas successfully and I'm happy my 6.5-month-old daughter loves them. Her first vegetable came from my garden and this is what I wanted since I was pregnant. Of course I can't grow everything but since I love gardening, I decided to grow some of her food.

It was awesome giving Alyssa peas grown without chemical fertilizers, harmful pesticides, or preservatives. Feeding her fresh veggies is more nutritious plus she gets excited when it's time to eat. So far we have a great little eater (besides being a good sleeper), she eats everything healthy and hopefully it stays that way.
Shelling the peas can be tedious but worth the time. The flavor of sweet, tender peas can't be compared to bags of frozen peas from the market. I'll definitely plant a lot next year and I'm also planning on growing snow peas.

Now what's going on with mom? I've been extremely fatigued for months since my baby girl was born. I thought all of this exhaustion was part of parenthood. I finally went to the doctor and did some blood tests. We found out I was Vitamin D deficient and it's common with women. Are you kidding me? You mean sleeping for 11 hours, unable to do housework and napping all the time is common? 

I'm grateful my husband supports me in every way, he's the best. I couldn't function, my body was aching and weak, this exhaustion debilitated me to the point of tears. After doing research, I learned Vitamin D deficiency is linked to heart and autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer. Yikes, no, thanks. I'm taking my prescription!       

I recently began treatment of Vitamin D (100,000 IU) 2 capsules a week. What a difference the sunshine vitamin can make, I felt a little better. A couple of days ago I left the house to run errands and got sun on my skin. I had a tiny bit of energy, I forgot how that felt. Will you say I need to garden more and get out in the sun? :D

Here's what's happening in my garden. The vegetables aren't getting much attention from me, they're just doing their thing. Squash, zucchini and cucumber planted from seeds are growing well. I wish we had more flowers but I'm too busy to maintain them. We're still looking for a house to buy, it's taking longer than we thought but once I have my new space, I'll have a garden filled with flowers.

Beans are easy to grow from seeds, I planted a variety of them. Future baby food too.
We have plenty of edibles in containers. Kale is so good for you.

Agastache, Anise Hyssop (Black Adder). Perennials are the best, this beauty came back from last year.   

Columbine planted from seeds two years ago. I'll plant more someday. 

Catnip, I don't think our outdoor kitty Jinxy cares for it. I thought cats were crazy about this stuff.

If only the sun would come out then I can get Vitamin D naturally. It has been cloudy and gloomy. What's up with the June gloom! How's your weather lately?


  1. Dear Priscilla, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and that little girl is adorable. Keep gardening, it will surely make you feel better, even if it is just to pick the peas.

    1. Stevie, thank you. The supplement makes a difference. The sun is out and it's a nice day to garden!

  2. Your plants are so wonderfully healthy looking! I love how you are making food for your precious girl. Sorry to hear about the low energy but it looks like you've done quite a lot in your garden and being a new mom is exhausting. Best wishes for more energy!

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks! You know how it's like having kids. Babies are a lot of work. I'm looking forward to everything back to normal with my D levels and having energy again.

  3. Replies
    1. You're awesome. I love you and Alyssa!

  4. Hi Priscilla,
    Your daughter is just so adorable! She is a beauty! Look at her big gorgeous eyes! I'm so glad to hear that she is having homegrown veggies!
    Taking care of babies and toddler is hard work!
    Your garden is looking great!
    Take care and hug to Alyssa!

    1. Hi Joyce! Thanks for the nice compliment and for visiting my blog!


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