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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Harvest and baby food

I've had these photos for some time now. My little girl keeps me very busy, I haven't been able to write. I'm taking advantage of the time while she's sleeping! Green beans are super easy to grow from seeds. We love fresh picked beans from the garden that go straight to the pan sautéed with a little olive oil or butter, salt and garlic. My husband said they're the best he ever had because they're crispy and tasty. Homegrown and organic is way better. I can't imagine eating sodium-filled canned beans from the market unless I canned them myself. Food preservation is something I plan to do someday.
Latest prolific zucchini from my garden called Romanesco Costata was delicious. That's why I plant from seeds because of the vast variety, it's great experimenting and trying new flavors every year.

Harvest from like a month ago. I think. I'm forgetful all the time, I have mommy brain. Our baby Alyssa also enjoyed everything puréed in this basket except for the beans. She's not fond of beans but she'll eat them mixed with other veggies or fruits.

This little munchkin is excited every time we're getting ready to feed her, she loves her nom noms. I wish we had more vegetables growing. The extremely hot weather is scorching my neglected garden and I haven't been watering or fertilizing. I lost many plants. This new mom has a hectic schedule but we're having so much fun. Time is going by fast––she's almost 9 months old. She'll soon be walking and gardening with me!  

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