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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Surprise we have a peach tree!

When we moved for the fourth time in 4 years and finally bought a home last November, we saw a tree in the backyard. We weren't aware it was a young peach tree. We were pleasantly surprised to discover we have peaches. I don't know how to grow fruit trees so I'll be learning along the way. Do you have any tips? I'd appreciate them. So far I've been watering the tree roots deeply every 2 to 3 days. 

Peaches aren't ripe yet but I can't wait for harvesting soon. I'm already thinking about pies, smoothies, tea, jams, etc. Unfortunately, my husband had way too many peaches when he was younger and developed an aversion but he's open to eating them again. I told him I'll make good stuff that he can hopefully enjoy… we'll see! :)

Another surprise, our next door neighbor have a cherry tree! Cherries are falling over the fence on our property. The birds are happy munching on cherries. Our neighbor said we can have some, lucky us. We mentioned we'll give them peaches and vegetables from my garden. I like the bartering idea. Guess who's been climbing the ladder to pick cherries? My wonderful hubby. 

Oh my––they're sweet, juicy and yummy treats. Bryan said they're the best he ever had. Our toddler loves cheries and she makes a big mess eating them! Do you grow fruit trees?   


  1. Hi Priscilla!

    OMG! You can have a bunch of fresh cherries anytime you want! It's quite expensive here. For 200gm of cherries is cost about MYR15.00 :'(

    Just would like to notify you that I've translated my chicken rice recipe. Show me when you tried it :)

  2. I love fruit fresh from the garden, lucky you with the cherries the birds ate all of mine! Your peach tree is looking healthy, you have lots of peaches there.

  3. wow LUCKY you! I would love to have a cherry tree!

  4. How lovely to have the red bounty falling around you... and for free!


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