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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July recipes and garden update

Today my husband grilled chicken and I made potato salad yesterday to save time. He works tonight so we didn't get to watch the fireworks. The sweet and savory chicken is one of my favorite recipe adapted from Eating Well. The rub is tasty and easy to make especially when I'm in a hurry. Before using the rub, I like to coat the chicken with a little canola oil and apple cider vinegar. Acid like citrus juices or vinegar tenderizes meat and helps to absorb the seasonings. Wait at least 30 minutes then grill chicken over low to medium heat until well done. This can also be prepared the night before. 

The potato salad is my recipe and even though I used light mayo it's creamy, flavorful and we find ourselves coming back for more. My 18 month old girl loved it so much, she picked up her plate and licked it. I wish I had a picture, it was too cute with potato salad on her nose! I took that as a nice compliment. The recipe for the salad is below. Bryan doesn't like pickle relish but feel free to add them if you want. Potatoes and onions are growing in the garden but they're not ready for harvest yet. We just have to wait. 

Creamy potato salad

Serves 4 

• 2 pounds yellow potatoes  
• 2 small stalks celery, sliced thinly 
• 1-2 tbsp yellow onions, minced (optional for flavor)
• 3 hardboiled eggs, chopped (optional, we love eggs)
• 1 cup light mayonnaise (use more depending on desired creaminess) 
• 1/2 tsp dijon mustard
• 1/4 tsp garlic powder 
• 1/4 tsp parsley
• 1/4 tsp dill
• Dash of paprika 
• Sea salt and black pepper to taste 

1. Cook potatoes in water over medium heat until tender then let the potatoes cool for a bit. It's easier for me to leave the skin on and remove them after cooking.    
2. Peel potatoes or leave the skin on if you prefer. Chop potatoes in 1 inch pieces and place them in a bowl. Combine celery, onions, eggs and the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and mix well. Season with salt and pepper. 

Here's our harvest yesterday. Bryan grilled one of the zucchini for dinner this evening. Alyssa didn't notice the zucchini because I hid pieces of them in her potato salad (ha ha, sneaky mommy!) Hubby is not a big fan of broccoli but he likes them from my garden. Costata Romanesco from High Mowing is an heirloom organic zucchini I planted from seeds. It's 54 days to maturity, reliable and productive. I was happy with them last year so I'll grow this variety again next season. Heirloom organic broccoli, Di Cicco is from one of my favorite seeds company, Botanical Interests. Mild flavor with a good crunchy texture and that's probably why Mr. Prince enjoyed them.

I don't remember showing my garden here but I did on Facebook. There are weeds like crazy everywhere, you just can't see them well. Our backyard is a mess. I'm very particular about photos I post of the garden and you'll only get the best angle! :)

How was your Independence Day and what did you do to celebrate?    


  1. o my..you have a HUGE garden...and I want to live there!
    Grilled chicken and potato salad...a perfect summer dinner, Priscilla.

  2. Yummy! Fresh harvests, great! Your garden look so beautiful and productive


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