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Friday, August 1, 2014

Vegetables we love from the garden

I've been wanting to post photos of our harvest, they're mostly on Facebook at the moment. So far we have zucchini, squash, beans, carrots, a few tomatoes and peppers. Onions, leeks and eggplant are almost ready. With many things going on, I'm occupied with our toddler's schedule, cooking, baking, housework, organizing and trying to keep up with my weed-covered garden. The weather has been super hot so I'm reluctant to water––oh the poor neglected plants.

"Hey, where's my tuna?"
I recently began canning to hopefully stock our pantry. If the garden continues to produce well, I'm going to preserve the harvest by canning, freezing or drying. I'm also planning to start a home craft business, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. All I have is a business logo I designed which is still a work in progress. If only I had more time for art projects. Life at home is busy crazy and chaotic (like the garden) at times. I keep adding to my to-do list. I'm sure many of you can relate!

Squash, zucchini and carrots harvest. Broccoli already bolted. At least we got to enjoy them for a short time.

Fresh organic vegetables with noodles, tasty!

Nice carrot for dinner. It got chopped for our macaroni salad.

Blue Coco, pole beans. I grew it solely for the cool name! I love the deep purple color and the beans are delicious.

Gold Rush, Royal Burgundy, Blue Coco, Tavera, Provider, Blue Lake, Strike and Tendergreen beans. I already started freezing plenty of these goodies. I have a pressure canner for low acid veggies but I'm not using it yet. I'm new in the canning world and I don't want to add pressure to myself! :) I'm keeping it simple with the water bath canning for now. When I feel more comfortable with that, I'll move on to more advance stuff.  

The corn plants are tall and it's my first time growing them. I planted corn from seeds, this is an early variety called Fisher's Earliest (70 days). I hope they're successful and sweet. I'll let you know later. 

Bee balm in my container garden. The flowers seem to be doing good in the summer heat.

Happy Friday, wishing everyone a nice weekend!  


  1. wow very impressive! I love those colourful carrots!!

  2. Your veggies and cooking look great. Great to see so a variety of colours.


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